Covid19 support offer


for SMEs with ATO COVID19 concerns.


Debt Arrangements in times of covid19

we will help you arrive at optimal debt arrangements with the ATO

At Deayton Tax Consulting, we are experts in dealing with the ATO. Take up our Covid19 Support offer and we will guide and support you in your dealings with the ATO with regards to your outstanding debts.

Covid 19 Support Package $99.95

This support package is intended to provide guidance on how to approach the ATO when negotiating outstanding debts as a result of COVID 19.   The outcome of the process enables you to deal with the ATO over the phone or in written form.


DTC Covid19 Support Offer - Debt Arrangements
DTC Covid19 Support Offer - Debt Arrangements
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The Covid 19 situation has forced radical change to Australia and the world, the like of which most of us would not have contemplated. This has been distressing for many, especially those running small to medium sized businesses, and especially if they have an existing tax debt or one due.

The response by government has been to produce commensurate change to enable affected business to attempt to cope. It may be survive now, pay later, but if a business doesn’t survive, the rest is theoretical. To facilitate key aspects of the government policy the ATO has put in place various mechanisms and approaches.

This article considers the ATO measures. This is not from a critical perspective, but to explore ways and means of making them even more accessible to those in need of them. (The ATO’s ‘Covid 19 initiatives’ has information available.)

What Deayton Tax Consulting (DTC) is offering is guidance and support for small to medium enterprises in dealing with outstanding debts. This could be for a range of reasons due to a person not feeling comfortable approaching the ATO debt area.

These reasons may include:

  • This is the first time that a business has ever had to make a direct approach to the ATO;
  • Poor previous experience;
  • Someone has always done this previously on behalf of the business (e.g. your accountant who may no longer be available);
  • While extensive ATO guidance on CoVid 19 is available and it is clear to many, to others it may not be. This could be due to confusion on what is available (there are a range of issues dealt with), or because of the style of writing;
  • The person making the ATO contact may be unsure what to say, obviously it is a severe problem, however what information does the ATO require to make the arrangement?

DTC can help. We can take the business through the various steps that will assist to secure a suitable payment arrangement. The information can be used as a “script” when discussing with the ATO over the phone or as the basis of written correspondence. We will provide further support if the ATO requires it to assist in obtaining a suitable debt arrangement. We believe that the ATO will appreciate the process and approach too, mainly because it is designed to save both parties time.

To ensure privacy, and to preserve the ongoing relationship that a business may have with their current accountant/tax agent there are a number of things that we will not do.

A) DTC does not want to know a businesses TFN or ABN or any other Government identifier.

B) We definitely do not want to upset the relationship between a business and their existing tax advisor, the business will probably still require the agent to lodge their income tax return or prepare a BAS.

We are offering this support as a “one-off”. It is something that we do well, but it is not our core business. We will be charging a nominal fee to ensure that genuine people with genuine issues enquire. We simply wish to help those in dire need of assistance in this testing time.